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The Secret to Successful Organic Reach


25,000 views and 350 shares? Yep. The small town of Luverne, MN has ORGANICALLY racked up all this earned exposure on Facebook with a new commercial, imagined and created by Media One. 

Tasked with promoting the small, but vibrant Minnesota town, we knew we had to keep everything REAL – real people, real places, and real enjoyment. Over the course of two 18-hour days, we filmed at several different locations and well-known sites in the community, incorporating as much of the town’s personality as we possibly could.

The local residents were so eager to join our efforts, and it showed. They all seem to genuinely love their town, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that you can’t fake authenticity. Our script played on the words we heard and the passion we experienced.

So, what were we able to accomplish? A promotion of Luverne with an undeniable sense of community pride having come from all that were involved and a strong, sales piece for regional tourists.

Catch the extended cut of the TV spot here: https://youtu.be/HbiI4R1NLt0