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Model the Behavior

We've all heard about the benefits of creating a positive work environment, but the days are busy and adding one more thing to our list can seem overwhelming, especially when we have no authority to make broad changes. After many years at an agency, I can confidently say that it really all comes down to attitude. The attitude we bring to work sets the tone not only for yourself, but for your colleagues, as well.

Here are a few suggestions on how to influence the people around you. Our boss and co-workers have a huge impact on our work life, and one of the best ways to improve the attitude of those around us is to model the behavior we want to see in them. 

It's really that simple. Show respect, receive respect. Show trust, receive trust. Show patience, receive patience. Give encouragement, receive encouragement.

Give Positive Reinforcement
  • I'm impressed with...
  • We wouldn't be successful without your...
  • I appreciate the way you...
  • Our team couldn't be successful without your...

Show Gratitude
Thank someone for something they did but weren't expecting a "thank you" for. Be specific with what it was and why it was helpful or important.

Spread Happiness
Say "hi" to twice as many people as you normally would in a day, and always keep it genuine.

Motivate Others
Text a motivational quote or leave a Post-it on someone's desk that you've noticed is having a rough week.

Celebrate Wins
This one is HUGE! Who doesn't like to celebrate? Start a meeting or discussion with something positive - securing a new client or reaching a milestone on a project - and eventually others will do the same. Hold spontaneous gatherings for small wins. You don't have to RATION when you celebrate!

Celebrate Everything!
Find a reason. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, project milestone, or just the fact that it's not Monday! Make a sign, grab some munchies, whatever. Keep it simple, and keep it fun.

Switch It Up
If it's just you and a few others meeting, make it a walking meeting or choose to meet off-site. One way to boost morale and encourage the flow of creativity is to change up the scenery and stimulate the senses!

More Than Just Work
Schedule activities and make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate. Keep them light so it doesn't become a burden for anyone to plan, but rather something everyone can look forward to!

I think above all, it's about respecting one another. Life gets busy, sometimes downright crazy, but we're all just trying to enjoy life; it's a lot more fun when we can do it together.