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SDPB Familiar Tune - 15 Years on the Air

Riddle: What tune has enjoyed more total air play than nearly any other in South Dakota?
Answer: The South Dakota Public Broadcasting radio and TV I.D. music.

"After 15 years on the air, it hasn't aged a bit," said SDPB Executive Director Julie Overgaard. "In fact, it's how I know I'm home. It has become an enduring trademark for our statewide network."

The music is called Giants, echoing Ole Rolvaag's classic novel Giants In The Earth. Created by Media One in early 2003, the familiar tune was authored by Dave Scarbrough, who was, at the time, Director of Technical Services at the company. In this capacity, Dave was responsible for audio and video concept, production, and editing.

"Dave is a truly unique individual," said Media One President John Fiksdal. "A Renaissance man, for sure. A rock musician, playing professionally for a few years, with a business degree from Augie, yet he is perfectly comfortable building a computer or programming a website. Or, writing and directing the SDPB song."

"But, I'll let him tell the story..."